Diamond Education

The range of our products goes from small diamonds to larger and exceptional stones.

Diamonds Snow Loose and Large Stones

Barsamian Diamonds N.V. offers a large variety of loose and certified diamonds in round shapes as well as fancy cuts. The range of our products goes from small diamonds to larger and exceptional stones (colourless and coloured).

1. High quality diamonds for exclusive jewellery

We offer an ideal cut for the highest brilliance possible (for instance diamonds sourced and polished in Russia). The cut and proportions are similar from one stone to another, which is ideal for jewellery manufacturers.
High colours (from D to F), and clarities (VS, VVS and IF) are selected.

2. Diamonds for jewels made in larger series

The best value for money is proposed. Here, the colour range is typically from F to J and the clarity ranges from VS to SI.

3. Fancy Shapes

Our diamond experts select beautifully cut and brilliant fancy shapes in high colour and clarity ranges. We provide mainly pear, emerald, cushion, taper, marquise, oval, and princess shapes.

4. Larger diamonds and exceptional stones

We also specialize in diamond from 1 carat and above both colourless and with fancy colours. The main shapes we focus on are round, cushion, emerald, pear and marquise cuts with a grading certificate.

5. Certified Diamonds

In sizes ranging from 0.25 to 1 carat, we have a large part of our stones certified by GIA, HRD or IGI. These stones are available in our Online Stock.

Diamond Grading Report

  • HRD, HRD Antwerp
  • GIA, Gemological Institute of America
  • IGI, International Gemological Institute.


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