A passion for diamonds …

Our company, Barsamian Diamonds N.V.,  has its roots in a family tradition which goes back to 1907.  We are active on an international scale with the purpose to supply a large variety of products and services catering to the specific needs of our customers – merchants, jewellery manufacturers, distributors and jewellers…

Our competitiveness is based on the following elements :

  • the diversification of our supply sources
  • the permanent  drive to improve both the quality and the range of our products and services
  • our recognized notoriety and reputation within the trade
  • our privileged position as an important player on the international market
  • the experience and specialized skills of our staff

Barsamian Diamonds N.V. aims at becoming a model enterprise in the diamond trade, capable of adapting to the needs of its customers and operating as a true catalyst in the chain of goods, services, skills, ideas and information.

Philippe Barsamian
- Philippe Barsamian -
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